The Border Collie and Agility

Agility Training for You and Your Border Collie

As you probably already know, the border collie is an incredibly intelligent but temperamental dog at the same time. Border collies are so lovable and they also try to please their owners as much as possible. Their intelligence makes these puppies easily trainable and if you are a border collie owner, you have probably considered agility training.

What is Agility Training?

Agility is a competitive sport that is fun for the dog and its owner. Border collie agility training is a great opportunity to bond with your pet and to do something exciting together. Dog agility is actually an obstacle course that the puppy has to go successfully through.

To get started with border collie agility training, you will have to get the right kind of dog agility training equipment. Buying instructional materials is also going to be essential.

Benefits of Agility Training for Your Border Collie

Before getting started with border collie agility training, you are probably wondering about the benefits for your puppy. There are numerous advantages related to dog agility exercises.

Agility addresses the border collie’s natural instincts. Dogs are hunters and they love to run and chase. Jumping over obstacles is a part of this process. Additionally, dog agility is a wonderful form of exercise that your puppy will love.

The agility training helps the owner get into better shape, as well, and it is an opportunity to form an even stronger bond with your pet. Dedicating time to border collie agility training and navigating the course for your puppy will make the “friendship” better by improving communication and coordination.

Tips and Ideas for Successful Agility Training

To get started with agility training, you will have to find the right dog agility starter kit. Some great dog agility and tricks are described in a range of instructional books. Two of the guides you can try are  called The Beginner’s Guide to Dog Agility and Dog Tricks and Agility for Dummies.

To get started with border collie agility training, you need to know your dog well. Evaluating your puppy before starting and getting the vet involved will be vitally important. Dog agility is a high intensity sport. Make sure that your border collie is physically fit to participate in it.

You also need to familiarize yourself with the types of obstacles and equipment you will need to set up an agility course. The common types of obstacles include weave poles, standard jumps, a pause table, dogwalk, a tunnel, tire jump and teeter board.

Set up the agility course and make sure you have chosen high quality supplies. Agility in the Bag is one amazing product you can try because the obstacles can be adjusted for different size dogs. One dog owner that tried the product wrote: “my dog and I are both new to agility training. It’s been a great exercise program for both of us. She’s having fun and frankly, so am I. The kit is easy to use, easy to break down and store. Came with good instructions, too. I would recommend this kit to anyone who just wants to have fun with their dog.”

Finally, remember to have lots of fun. Socialize with other border collie owners, choose the best motivators for your puppy and set your competition goals to give your training efforts some direction.

Here’s a Fun Little Video

I enjoyed watching this video of Nana the Border Collie. She’s so darn cute and she seems to be having so much fun – isn’t that what it’s all about…

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