Noztonoz Sof-Krate Pet Home

About the Product

Noztonoz Sof-Krate Pet Home

The Noztonoz Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home is a portable enclosure for a pet of almost any size. The options range from a 15-pound dog to a 90-pound dog, with five sizes in all. The whole thing collapses easily with the push of a button, and it can be set up just as easily. You can store it under the bed or in the closet when it’s not in use. Take it on vacation or use it as a safe, quiet place for your pet in your own home. The pet home is ventilated on three sides with mesh windows, and there are no small or sharp pieces that could harm your pet.

The Sof-Krate is very easy to clean. Just sweep or pick up the waste, then wipe the soiled surface with odor and stain removers. The cover is also removable, so you can take it off the frame and put it right in the washing machine. Simply air dry it when you are done, and it as good as new.



Product Features and Specifications


  • Materials are durable and well ventilated, so it can be used inside or outside
  • Options for five different sizes, to fit your dog’s needs
  • Sets up and breaks down in seconds
  • Construction includes well-rounded corners to prevent damage to your home or vehicle
  • Easy to clean; machine washable
  • Weight: 2 pounds

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The Noztonoz Sof-Krate Pet Home has plenty of positive feedback, and is currently rated 4.4 out of 5 stars.

The Negative Reviews


While most of the feedback is positive, there are always a few reviews from customers who have had some difficulties with the product.

A common concern was that when the product arrived it smelled like plastic.  Brand new products can sometimes have this smell, which dissipates when it is aired out properly. Make sure you give the crate plenty of time to air out and settle before you place your dog in it.

Other negative feedback was about the mesh construction. Some customers felt it was too flimsy and allowed their dogs to shred right through it. Some dogs can feel anxious when left alone in an enclosed area, especially if it is a new environment. Avoiding leaving the dog penned up for hours on end will prevent the animal from getting riled up and ruining the crate. The Sof-Krate pet home is a cozy environment for most pets, especially once they get used to it.

Although there are a few negative comments, the feedback for this product has been more positive than negative. If you would like to review comments and feedback about this product that are more critical then you can find them when you CLICK HERE.

The Positive Reviews


While some customers had a negative experience, most customers enjoyed the construction, easy set up, and convenient features of the Noztonoz Sof-Krate pet home.

The durable material and sturdy frame is perfect to keep pets safe and allows for easy cleaning. The entire set up and take down process is easier than any other product. It folds down into a small enough package to take on the road or hide away when you have company.

The multiple entrances and the roof that unzips were key features. It allows for easy access to your pets, especially with puppies. The ventilation provided by the three mesh windows allows your pet to breathe.

Many reviewers commented on how much their dogs loved the crate. They found it so comfortable, that they chose to take naps in the crate even when it was unzipped and they could choose to sleep anywhere.



Would we recommend the Noztonoz Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home to our readers?

Absolutely, and this is why:

Customers love the flexibility of this item. It can fold up for an on-the-go family or comfortably house your pet in your home. The materials are safe and easy to clean, and the thoughtful features like the multiple entrances and the tabs to secure the zippers make it a must have.

If you want a safe and durable home for your pet, the Noztonoz Sof-Krate Pet Home is our recommendation. The Noztonoz Sof-Krate received more than 400 reviews on Amazon, as of this post, and most of them were positive.

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