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My Border Collie: The Best Breed Around

If you own, or have even considered owning a Border Collie then chances are you’ve probably already heard about this breed’s infamous temperament. We’ve owned ours for 10 years now and I can vouch that everything you heard is all true: they’re very intelligent, responsive, sweet, lovable, and high-strung as heck. And Chelsea is 100% Border Collie in every way possible. Just ask anyone who knows her. These dogs can be incredible companions and the most wonderful animal you’ve ever owned – (Well, I think so but then of course I’m partial). And yes, I just love my Border Collie dog!


Bringing Chelsea Home

The day we brought Chelsea home we were not planning on going puppy shopping. It was just another day at the mall, except that this day we decided to take a detour to the pet store, you know, just for fun (famous last words). 🙂 Chelsea was already 3 months old by now. She had long front legs and a little nick between her eyes. She had been mercilessly pouncing the other puppies. We figured that one little guy probably had enough and just nipped her. So she sat down for a minute, cocked her cute little head, looked us straight in the eye… and that was it – love at first site. We were meant to take her home. Mind you, we knew nothing about Border Collies, never even really heard much of the breed. Let’s just say “the rest is history.”


Can You Live With A Border Collie Dog?

As you may well know, Border Collies are high maintenance, high strung dogs. They are also brilliant dogs; easy to train and incredibly responsive with a strong desire to please. They can be the most wonderful animal you ever owned – or the worst. They are not known for being vicious but they are certainly known for their high energy level – they have more energy than they know what to do with. They need lots of exercise, human contact, structure and mental stimulation to stay happy, healthy and out of trouble, if not they can easily become bored and neurotic, depressed, or extremely destructive (ask me how I know).

Many Border Collies have ended up in rescue because their owners did not understand the unique needs of the breed, or were not able or willing to take the time to properly train and incorporate them into the family. It is crucial to do your homework when selecting a dog breed, and Border Collies in particular.  They can become loyal companions for life if you’re willing to take the time to properly train and acclimate them into your family. And it will be time well spent.


Buddy’s Story

A perfect example was Buddy. Buddy was your typical black and white, 4-year-old, long-haired Border Collie.

We met him when we responded to an ad in the paper regarding the sale of a Border Collie named Buddy. We were actually looking for a companion for Chelsea so we made plans to go down and meet him. His family was going to allow us to take him home on a trial basis.

When we reached his home he was brought to us on a training leash. He seemed to be anxious and very fearful of us. We found out that Buddy had been kept in the basement 8 hours a day, alone, and went for an occasional walk. But – his owners informed us – he loved to go for long rides in the car. Buddy’s family could no longer keep him because they realized that they could not give him the quality time that he needed. The poor guy seemed overweight and stressed out. So we took him and went on our way.

When we got home Buddy kept looking for something – it was the golden opportunity to bolt out the door. He eventually got out and ran up and down in the middle of the street, back and forth, probably trying to release some pent up stress and energy.

Obviously that was very dangerous. We couldn’t catch him; he refused to come when we called. The only way to catch him, we discovered, was to drive up close to him and open the car door. He jumped right on in! He sure did love car rides; we couldn’t get him out when we arrived back home! This went on the whole time we had him. Chelsea didn’t seem to mind him too much she just didn’t want anything to do with the whole fiasco. Needless to say Buddy went back home.

Poor Buddy, I don’t know what became of him. At the time, we hadn’t really done our homework on Border Collies either and we certainly were not prepared to take on that challenge. This is an example of what can happen when these dogs are not appropriately cared for. But I can bet you that Buddy could have been a great companion if he had been given the proper training, including exercise, care and attention that this exuberant breed needs to really thrive.

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